I was reading a book about the effects of globalization on democracy and it made me think of something: why do we blame the symptom but not the disease?

In other words, when globalization demands that we give up our jobs to cheaper labor overseas why do we blame those foreign workers? Why do we blame those poor people who are struggling to survive when corporations are the ones who moved the jobs to more profitable regions? Those Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc are not forcing jobs to flee our country so that they can reap the profits.

Globalization imposes such fierce competition between countries that there is NO logical option but to lose our jobs to those who can do it for cheaper. In order for national economies to be competitive and successful companies must export our jobs. Are you seeing the irony? In order to improve our economy and the well-being of our people we must LOSE our jobs.

And who do we blame for this loss? The companies who want to make a profit at our(both as individuals and as a society) expense? The governments who kneel before the altar of GDP? No, we blame people who are trying to feed their families and taking whatever opportunities that are available.


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