Who in their right minds would believe that the same form of communism that was spread over 100 years ago could still apply today? You don't prescribe the same medicine to a diagnosis that has changed; the same concept that applies to health care applies to sociology and political science. It is this pervasive idiocy that might just doom whatever hope communism has of setting roots in the rich soil of our society.

There are so many differences between the time of Marx and our own that it would be like mixing apples and oranges. The social atmosphere, the nature of the economy, the state of the proletariat, the way governments run themselves, and globalization render any attempt to apply alpha-communism ideology and methods to our world moot.

The physical and temporal differences aside, there is still the HUGE burden of erasing the blight of 20th century “communism” from our collective memory. It isn't bad enough that communism represents a different era but we also have to deal with men such as Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot who have nearly destroyed the image of what could have been.

There is a huge wall in our way that must be climbed – destroyed would be better – before humanism( Marx's original term for communism) can finally sprout and push aside the weak and decaying trees we have planted. We must define, re-define, and clarify our goals and what we're willing to do to reach them. We can't simply keep looking back for answers hoping that long dead men had divine foresight and we need only follow their word blindly( I'm looking at your Christians).

We have to take what works and what might work and apply to our own world and ideas. And just like writing a paper we have to change what we have tried and find something else that fits better; staying static won't help us achieve our goals nor will it help to advance us socially.

Acknowledge the differences, toss aside our western morality, try what doesn't work, take what works, and repeat, this is the formula that we should use to achieve what we want.


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