It's stressful, even dangerous, to be an open communist in America today. Communism carries with it many of the moral and ideological stigmas that a great majority of Americans are vehemently against. Let's list them, shall we?

-Free enterprise not being the basis of society/economics systems(being a secondary layer is a completely different story)
-The use of direct democracy over representative democracy
-The idea of a world government or global movement

There are other attributes that put Americans on a war footing when they learn of a communist within their midst. I myself have several unfortunate and unpleasant anecdotes which show that hostility that I am faced with.

On the occasions that I wear an article of clothing which displays any communist symbols I am verbally harassed in the streets. At work I am forced to change my employee of the month article because I mention I am a communist. People, upon learning I am a communist, ask me what is "wrong" with me. Being told that I should call myself a socialist to avoid the negative stigma.

It all seems rather harmless, doesn't it? How much would it take to take that verbal harassment to the next level? How much would before statements about my beliefs are censored? How much would before people(Christians, for example) decide it is their imperative to "teach" me what is wrong with me and attempt to fix me? How much before I am forced to hide what I am and call myself something else?

This applies not only to me and not only to communists. The cultural situation in America poses a threat to many of us who do not adhere to mainstream American beliefs and values( not to be confused with traditional beliefs and values). This is a threat that cannot be ignored and that cannot be fought with only logic and words. 

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