Research for my current paper took far far longer than I had anticipated or wanted. It is very hard to write or study much when I am not home for 15 hours a day 5 days a week, with a newborn son. Regardless. I think I can safely say I have collected enough notes( over 15 pages from over 20 sources) to start creating an outline then a rough draft. This part should proceed at a faster pace than the note gathering but as usual I cannot set a time-line since my time is limited and stressed.

Earlier I had mentioned my desire to create a flier or another pamphlet as an introductory in order to get some basic facts out and dispel some common myths. I think I have decided on a catechism, a set of questions and answers. Such a flier might be best for answering the more common and anticipated questions, as well as the easiest to create. I'll post a topic in the forum asking for visitors to ask questions and the best will be selected to be used in the catechism.


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