Are we so pathetic that we can't decide our own lives? Have we become so degenerate and loathsome that we look to the strength of others? And what's worse, those of us who are too WEAK to control ourselves label the strong as nihilistic, as unguided and poor in spirit.

There's a big difference between a nihilist and what these lowly religious folk think a nihilist is. A nihilist does not believe in an inherent meaning to the world around us, he does not believe in a meaning passed down from some divine and knowable being. A nihilist is not weak minded and cowardly; he believes in creating his own meaning, his own worth.

On one side we have people willing to give up themselves in every way possible - stripping the humanity from themselves in the process - and on the other we have those who are strong in spirit and willing to lead their own lives and create their own fates.

Which one is the nihilist here? The one who doesn't believe in creating his own fate or the one who WILL create his own fate?

Dogmatic institutions such as religion have debased us, lowering us to the point of cattle. We're made to wait in line and watch the person in front of us become spiritually eviscerated; we're made to fear and quiver, all to make us docile like some household pet.

Both Marx and Nietzsche understood, in different ways, that the more we give ourselves to something else the less we have for ourselves. We're made to believe from a young age, no thanks to misguided and tyrannical parents, that spiritual and moral enlightenment comes from seeking a higher, unfathomable, power and not from exerting our OWN power. We're made to think that we must cower within ourselves and weaken ourselves to achieve a higher existence.

Natural(good) living and adherence to our instincts leads to morality and spirituality, not the other way around.

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