If all your doctor did was give vicodin to ease the pain in your broken leg but never bothered to actually fix your leg would you still go to him? Would you continue to place your trust in his obvious ineptitude?

I would hope not, but seeing people's attitude towards political "activism" I would not be surprised if most are, in fact, stupid enough to keep taking the quack doctor to heart.

Much like the doctor, political activists are doing nothing but administering pain pills without actually treating the problem. Does railing against bad policies, agencies, and puppet-heads somehow strike at the underlying problem? Does it make you feel better to chant the same repetitive, monotone slogan over and over while holding up some piece of paper with bold lettering?

Hate to break it to you but pacifist methods do not work unless backed up by force. Do you think governments would take terrorist groups seriously if all they did was wave threatening letters around? And that's all you're doing, waving your weakness and cowardice around for the government to see: you're castrating yourself without even realizing it!

All you're doing is lying to yourself if you actually believe that what you're doing is changing things for the better. You've shown your card, you've shown where your first instinct lies, and now your enemy knows how to play you.

If you want to change things or simply shake things up so that they can change then you must steer away from your first instinct and strike at the core of what you believe is wrong. Rip up your signs and turn them into pamphlets to recruit more like-minded souls, turn your pickets into pitchforks and impale those who are masterminding the symptoms. Stop wasting your time treating the effects and not the causes( which include yourselves). Governments don't change on the whim of a vocal group but on the whim of a forceful and dedicated group.

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