Interesting, the site had 55 hits the day after Christmas. Perhaps people were expecting some sort of anti-Christmas rant? Some anti-consumer holiday lecture? You won't get that from me.

As much as I may agree that Christmas is a pointless and socially – in terms of wasted money and increased debt – destructive day, I also understand that to abolish it in one grand gesture would cause havoc on our economic system. The revenue generated on Christmas helps to make up for stagnant sales, or losses that businesses may suffer the rest of the year. Were it not for that grand spending day businesses may be forced to cut back on payroll, close down outlets, or simply go broke. Needless to say, any one of those scenarios doesn't bode well for us consumers. So until businesses change their business models, people change their social spending habits, or both, we are stuck honoring this special day and maintaining the precarious balance of our economy.

Enough of that rant.

I've decided to quit work on my current project since it has no direct relevance to communism and only satisfies my own intellectual curiosity. So I've decided to write a paper detailing the sociological aspects of communism since that what, those few, people want according to the poll. Thankfully, I've read quite a bit about this side of communism so I should be able to write something in my limited time.

I also have some other ideas floating about but they can wait till I have more things straightened out. It involves some things I used when I first started the site( when it was the UCF); little cards to spread around, fliers, perhaps even some pamphlets like the one posted on the main page.



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