I found an interesting passage as I was reading an economics book, something that supports the reason why communism is so adamantly opposed to capitalism.

The paragraph stated that a certain level of unemployment was necessary in our (capitalist)economy in order to maintain a certain turnover rate which would in turn make it easier for employers to fire and hire new workers. The reason for this? To lower prices, of both the workers(wages) and consumers(commodities). Now granted, I understand the reasoning of this from a capitalist viewpoint. Full employment would essentially kill competition for workers since there would be no labor pool to recruit from, which in turn decreases an employer's bargaining power and leads to higher wages for workers. An increase in worker's wages leads to an increase in prices(increased demand at same, or less, supply) which fuels inflation while decreasing profits.

All of this makes complete sense from a capitalist viewpoint, yet it does not help capitalism's defense against communism.

Any level of unemployment, especially at a level which cannot escape notice, reinforces any social instability which may exist in a state. By effectively demanding that a certain percentage of the working population be without a means of supporting themselves capitalists are alienating the very workers they need to exist. Tell any person that he or she must be unemployed for the sake of those who will never know want is asking for trouble. Human empathy barely goes far enough to sacrifice for his fellow worker, much less his employer who makes far more than he ever will.

It's easy to see how workers might become angry, agitated, and eventually revolutionary after being stepped on for the sake of profit. The bourgeoisie does indeed create its own grave diggers.


10/25/2012 07:49

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