My work on the paper detailing the social aspects of communism as Marx envisioned is proceeding nicely - at least the information gathering is. There's a lot of material to go through and not all of it is written is plain language but rather shrouded in a fog of economic and philosophic terminology. I shudder at having to read through Das Kapital when I write about the economic aspects of Marx's ideas. As it stands, I cannot say with any degree of certainty when I will finish this paper. I have so many different forces pulling at me from different directions that I cannot study and write as much as I would like.

Along with this paper, I thought of producing another pamphlet or flier that will give a brief summary of what communism was meant to be and how we can see its ideals mirrored in our own. A layman's guide to communism, if you will. Perhaps this time I can do a better job since I can look back and improve upon the last pamphlet's faults - and at the same time focus on a specific idea instead of trying to summarize too much at once.


09/25/2013 23:46

Great info, thank you.


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