The fourth of July has come again and we are asked to celebrate the greatness of this state and those who died to protect it and our rights. It is on this celebration of military veterans and its political implications that I want to focus on for a bit.

I do not intend to disparage those in the military who have fought and died. I have no doubt that very many of them served out of a sense of nationalism and wanting to protect their homes and loved ones. But the question must be asked: who do they fight for? The military does not serve at the discretion of the populace directly, it serves at the whim of the government.

An argument can be made that since we live in a representative state the military is still, indirectly, serving as our guardians. But to anyone who has watched the news lately it is plainly obvious that the government no longer represents and serves the interests of the people as a whole. Indeed, the government has fractured primarily into two groups which are highly antagonistic. Both sides have vastly differing views on what our rights are and should be . And to further confuse the notion that the government actually represents us as a whole the voter turnout in this country is so low(rarely exceeding 50% in both congressional and presidential elections) as to question our claims to democracy.

So what exactly is the military serving and protecting? They cannot legitimately be said to serve a united people because the government is clearly divided into antagonistic camps. They cannot be said to protect the will of the people since most Americans do not vote. They cannot be said to protect our rights because the camps that make up our representative government cannot agree on what those rights should be.

This brings up a disturbing question: whose interests does the military serve? If government is not united then the military must serve one group over another. If most Americans do not vote then the military must advance the will of only a few. If we cannot agree on what our rights are then the military must serve only one group's idea of rights at the expense of another group's conception of rights.


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