Election day has come and gone, the same as it does every two years. Yet people still believe things will change with this election.

No matter which direction the political winds blow, I hope people on both sides of the aisle are willing to face the consequences of their actions. I, for one, am hoping for a landslide Republican victory. Not because I empathize with them but because their policies will undo this country even faster.

Some may call that unpatriotic, but I see as best and most logical consequence for the stupidity that has pervaded our government and populace for so long.
I just completed writing and editing my interpretive summary essay on On the Jewish Question( way behind schedule). I hope it captures the essential points of Marx's paper and elucidates it for the average person.

For my next paper I am torn between another summary essay or writing an essay of my own; both would be helpful to write but only one would directly deal with communism. I'll know shortly.

As always, I greatly appreciate any constructive feedback/criticism.

Here is the link to the paper: 
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Here is a summary essay of selections from Marx's Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right, a paper detailing the origin of the state and its foundations of power.

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I am thinking up some questions for a catechism flier I want to make up and am going to post a topic in the forum so anyone who visits can make suggestions and ask about certain topics they would like to know about.

I have several made up but would greatly appreciate input from others, especially since this is for the benefit of others as much as it is for mine.

I want to keep the questions in the realm of society, such as politics, religion, philosophy, etc. The reason for this is that I am not very well versed in the economic aspect of communism yet, while I have a grasp on the sociological aspect.
For those who do read this, I'm sorry for not updating for so long. My son was born recently and I've been running around(as is expected). Things should be settling down so I should be able to post either a new blog entry or small article at least once a week. Thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment!

I added a poll to the right to give me an idea what other people would like to read about.
I added a poll to the right to give me an idea what other people would like to read about.
Having gone back and edited an old paper of mine I'm posting it here for posterity sake. It isn't very good...spraying a turd with febreeze doesn't alter the fact that it's still a turd. There was no research done with this paper; it was written in the spur of the moment.

This paper was supposed to be about the institutions needed in a democracy in order to assure its political future( assuming it wants to stay a democracy).

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Yes I had planned on writing a paper on power as the basis of natural rights but this subject caught my eye and I figured I could write it relatively fast.

The basis of this essay was to highlight the need for chaos in social systems in order to perfect and stabilize them in the long run. I tried to present it using two base principles and it ended coming out to four pages. As usual, criticism is welcome and encouraged.
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Since I am currently researching and working on a paper I thought it would be prudent to create a section that shows I have in the works. Being that I am only one person with many other responsibilities don't expect there to be a huge list; but, it would be safe to expect at least 2 projects in the works, usually.

Since my pamphlet didn't go as well as I had hoped I thought of a better way to get the points of communism across. The major(one might say fatal) flaw of the pamphlet idea was the very small amount of space I gave to each area( democracy, equality of wages, etc); with that in mind I was left with two options:

1) choose a subject, such as democracy, and using as many sources as I can show how communism relates and treats it.

2) Select a source at random and show how it relates to our world and values.

The first one seems a bit dry while the second choice seems to be a bottom-up approach which might be received better. In either case, I thought of selecting a current news story and comparing it to what communism might say about it( our health care debates, for example) to complement the main essay. This would help cover a wide range of issues and help us to see how the writings and the propaganda compare. As always, I would welcome any coherent criticism and change my ideas in response to external corrections.

Let's see how this pans out since I don't know which route I will be taking and when I can start.