Since I am currently researching and working on a paper I thought it would be prudent to create a section that shows I have in the works. Being that I am only one person with many other responsibilities don't expect there to be a huge list; but, it would be safe to expect at least 2 projects in the works, usually.

Since my pamphlet didn't go as well as I had hoped I thought of a better way to get the points of communism across. The major(one might say fatal) flaw of the pamphlet idea was the very small amount of space I gave to each area( democracy, equality of wages, etc); with that in mind I was left with two options:

1) choose a subject, such as democracy, and using as many sources as I can show how communism relates and treats it.

2) Select a source at random and show how it relates to our world and values.

The first one seems a bit dry while the second choice seems to be a bottom-up approach which might be received better. In either case, I thought of selecting a current news story and comparing it to what communism might say about it( our health care debates, for example) to complement the main essay. This would help cover a wide range of issues and help us to see how the writings and the propaganda compare. As always, I would welcome any coherent criticism and change my ideas in response to external corrections.

Let's see how this pans out since I don't know which route I will be taking and when I can start.
By Friday of this week I will be changing the site's url to As you can tell from the banner change at the top the name is now Adaptive Communist Alliance; this is to conform to the idea of communism not being dogmatic and rigid but changing with both the times and the people it is being applied to as well as acknowledging individual sovereignty.