Election day has come and gone, the same as it does every two years. Yet people still believe things will change with this election.

No matter which direction the political winds blow, I hope people on both sides of the aisle are willing to face the consequences of their actions. I, for one, am hoping for a landslide Republican victory. Not because I empathize with them but because their policies will undo this country even faster.

Some may call that unpatriotic, but I see as best and most logical consequence for the stupidity that has pervaded our government and populace for so long.
6/2/2011 06:05:41

For my next paper I am torn between another summary essay or writing an essay of my own; both would be helpful to write but only one would directly deal with communism. I'll know shortly.

6/2/2016 22:14:25

Great article.. keep going


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