I just completed writing and editing my interpretive summary essay on On the Jewish Question( way behind schedule). I hope it captures the essential points of Marx's paper and elucidates it for the average person.

For my next paper I am torn between another summary essay or writing an essay of my own; both would be helpful to write but only one would directly deal with communism. I'll know shortly.

As always, I greatly appreciate any constructive feedback/criticism.

Here is the link to the paper: 
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3/2/2011 17:53:23

You do not lead by hitting people over the head — that's assault, not leadership.

3/2/2011 19:06:41

Can you elaborate on what exactly you are commenting on?

3/7/2011 06:36:22

Very precise article. You have a long way in making an article.

3/24/2011 21:55:26

I will wait for your next post but thanks for posting anyway this is the best post i ever waited.


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